Creating Payment Method

You can create a payment method for the tenant by following the steps below:


Step 1: Click on tenant in question.



Step 2: Click on Payment Methods tab and then click on Edit.



Step 3: Click on "+ Add".



Step 4: Select payment method type. For example: Credit/Debit card and click OK.



Step 5: Fill in the information accordingly and click Save.



Step 6: Similarly you can select eCheque(EFT), fill in the information accordingly and click save.



Alternatively tenants can create payments and make one time payments from their portal as well.

Step 1: Tenants can click on "Billing and Payment" tab from their portal. They can then click on "Add Payment Method" to enter a new payment method in the system. (Please note: If they already have a payment method in the system, they can at any point in time make a one time payment by clicking on "make a payment" in billing summary section.)



Step 2: Tenants can then select their preferred method of payment and fill in the boxes as necessary. Then click Next.



Step 3: Click Submit



Step 4: Click Continue


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