Create New Invoice

Click on Finance-->Vendor Invoicing-->vendor Invoices




Outstanding balances are highlighted with red font.


To create New Vendor Invoice, click on + New Vendor Invoice


You have to fill two parts:

1. General information

2. Invoice Line Items. Each line item is either single service performed by the vendor you are billed

for or associated tax(es).




Fill in the appropriate information highlighted above.

The system calculates Due Date based on vendor’s Term. You cannot update this field.

Invoice Balance is set to $0.00. It will be updated with the actual balance once you will submit an



Line Item represents single service performed by the vendor and billed to property management.



Every Line Item consists of:

 Building.

 Performed Service, populated from Vendor Services.

 GL Account. You have list of GL Accounts with GL Type ‘Expenses’ to pick from.

 Amount.

After you will enter this information, the system validates if there are configured taxes to apply. If yes -

additional line item(s) will be generated to represent tax(es) effective on the invoice date. Every Tax Line

consists of:

 Building and Performed Service – will be the same as the building and performed service in the

Line Item.

 GL Account – will be similar to GL Account of the Line Item. You can change it to another GL

Account with GL Type ‘Expenses’ to pick from.

 Amount – will be auto-calculated, once you will enter Amount in the Line Item. You can update

it manually if need be.

For more information on tax calculation, please refer to Tax Configuration.

Line Item can be removed by clicking sign. Removing line item will remove its tax lines as well.

Invoice Original Total is auto-calculated as the sum of Amount in all line items.

Important notes:

 While an invoice is in Draft status, it can be modified and saved.

 Draft invoices are not reflected in Vendor Invoicing Summary and cannot be paid.


You can also attach electronic copy of original invoice using NOTES




On this screen, you can add notes and attach invoice’ e-copy.





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