Pay Vendor Invoices – Payment Preparation

So, here are charges and credits you’ve selected in the previous step shown here. The system will do preliminary


 For the charges ‘Amount to Pay’ is set to the charge’ outstanding balance. At this step, credits

that may apply to this charge are “ignored”.

 If there is no applicable credit for the charge, field ‘Credits to Apply’ will be set to $0.00.




The system will warn you if selected Payment Date is not today. Additionally, to prevent possible human

error, the system provides the ability to configure allowed backdating of the payment date:




It is suggested to set this parameter to 6, as most financial institutions will not honour cheques if they

are more than 6 months old.

If there are available credits you can apply to the charge, field ‘Credits to Apply’ is empty. When you will

click on it, Credit visor will open.




Please review and confirm the application of the credits, suggested by the system: applied Credit is

equal to either the outstanding balance of Charge or remaining Credit balance, whatever less. You can

remove credits in the visor if for whatever reason you don’t want to apply them. Once you will click

Save, confirming the application of the credit(s), the system will recalculate ‘Amount to Pay’, deducting

applied credits’ amount.

If ‘Credits to Apply’ field is not empty, it is blocked by the system and you cannot access it. When will it


1. There are no credits which can apply to the charge. ‘Credits to Apply’ is $0.00.

2. You’ve already saved suggested credits’ selection. ‘Credits to Apply’ shows the total amount of

the applied credits.

When all the Charges have payments (‘Amount to Pay’) and/or applied credits (‘Credits to Apply’), click

Create Payments button to proceed. The system creates Payment batch which consists of all Payments

and used Credits created in the previous step.




Single payment (cheque) is created per Vendor and Payment Account. It can cover multiple invoices

from the same Vendor to be paid from the same Payment Account. For example:




Remember that the same Payment can possibly cover multiple buildings if these buildings are linked to

the same Payment Account.

Now you will be redirected to Review Payments screen.

Please Note:

At this step Payments and used Credits are in Draft status, so there is no impact on Charge, Invoice and

Vendor balance. All balances will be updated once Payment/Used Credit will be confirmed.


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