Sandbox Environment Characteristics

Sandbox environment is an isolated production like environment that can be provided to a customer for functional testing or other needs.

See below the main characteristics of this environment:


Only registered production PMC customer will be able to login the CRM and Portal

Production credentials will be used to login in CRM


Data will be copied/refreshed from corresponded production environment biweekly on Sunday night at 12:00 AM EST time. All sandbox data will be replaced with production data during this activity. All the changes made to Sandbox environment that have not yet applied to production would be gone and cannot be restored.

Refresh is done for all PMC at the same time

No refresh option for a specific PMC or by request

There will be no data transfer from sandbox to production. Tested changes in Sandbox must be applied in Production manually

Some PMC owned data will be altered to reduce the risk to production stability:

Merchant account

Interface passwords e.g. Merchant_Id

Yardi credentials

Credit checks data (Equifax Reports) will not be available

Equifax Reports will run in simulated mode

Notification will be altered to use a single email or a phone number in sandbox environment

External System Notification

Email for external notification.  The deliverable list is controlled by PMC.

Phone number for notification is disabled for now.

Yardi mode

PMC can configure a connection to sandbox Yardi environment from new Sandbox setup UI. System will prevent connection to real Yardi systems of the clients, even if client entered the same URL credentials in CRM UI for SANDBOX


The SLA is 80% for this environment


Simulators will be used for majority of interfaces (Payments, Credit checks, TenantSure)

New UI

New UI for sandbox configuration:

Yardi URL

Email for notification

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