Formatting Cheque Image

Here you can configure cheque’ image to be issued from this account.




You have to specify date format and your address to be printed on the cheque.

Other configuration parameters:

  • Add Bank Address and Phone – indicate if bank address and the phone will be printed on the cheque.
  • Add Payee Address – indicates if vendor address will be printed on the cheque.
  • Add MICR Line – indicates that cheque image should be created with or without MICR line.
  • Expiry Note – free text to suggest how many days vendor has to deposit the cheque.
  • Currency Description – highlights currency in which cheque is issued.
  • First Signee – employee who signs the cheque (if an electronic signature is stored in the system, it will be used).
  • Second Signee – use if more than one employee should sign the cheque.
  • Second Signature After – amount after which second signature is required.

After cheque features are saved, you can preview cheque image




Sample image will be displayed.





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