Adding a Lease

To create a lease you must have a building with floorplans and units in it. In addition the unit must be in the correct occupancy status depending on which type of lease you want- see HERE

To add a Lease you need to do the following:

1) Choose Tenants and Leases from the left navigation
2) Choose Leases
3) You will have two options here: [+ New Lease] or [+ Current Lease]

Current Lease is used for adding leases for tenants that already live in the building. Typically used when setting up the system for the first time or when a new property is purchased with existing tenants and leases. Please note: In order to enter a current lease, unit status must be pending (see link above).

New Lease is the creation of a new tenant moving in for the first time. Typically a today or a future date. To create a New Lease you need to make sure the unit you want to use is set to "available". Go to the unit information and press the black "Actions" button at the right top corner, then select "Scope". Choose "Available". Once the unit is set to Available you can create a New Lease for it.




Once the Lease has been created and the information 100% correct, press SAVE. The ACTION button is now highlighted. To start this lease press ACTIONS --> ACTIVATE and the billing system will start. 




If you need to make changes to the Lease before Activation follow the instructions HERE:



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