Setting up of Deposits/Fees (if applicable) on Property Vista (Step 7)

In order for the Application/Lease and Online Application to automatically calculate and apply Deposits it is imperative that these rules are created. Deposits are set up by Charge Code and Feature on a Property Level. 


In order to configure the Deposit rules please follow the following instructions:


1) Properties --> Buildings --> Select Building in Question

2) Click on PRODUCT CATALOGUE. (The product catalogue shows all rentable items as found in Yardi. Such as Rent, Parking, Lockers, etc. If nothing is showing up it could be due to the fact that the AR code mapping was not done properly, or the system has not updated yet since you set the AR codes. The system will automatically re-adjust itself daily)

NOTE: PropertyVista will save the history of rentable items. If a rentable item in the product catalogue EXPIRES it is due to the fact that a change occurred with that specific charge code. Please ensure you choose the latest, ACTIVE, Rentable Item. 

3) Click EDIT

4) Choose what DEPOSITS should apply for this specific charge code. Example: If you have a SECURITY Deposit, choose SECURITY DEPOSIT-->ENABLED: YES . Next, Choose the appropriate CHARGE CODE. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THIS CHARGE CODE IS MAPPED CORRECTLY IN YARDI. Next, if applicable, you can re-name this charge code as you wish your residents to see it. Click SAVE. 

5) Repeat these steps for ALL charge codes that are applicable: ie, Parking, Lockers, Rent, etc. 


IMPORTANT: Make sure Yardi Charge Codes are mapped correctly within Yardi. See attachment


You can also see steps below for step by step instructions on mapping application charge codes.

Step 1: 

Step 2:


Step 3:



Step 4: Click Save

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