Why was a Payment Rejected?

When trying to identify a payment you can see the status of the payment in real-time through PropertyVista. Whether it is PAP/EFT/ACH/Credit Card/VISA/MASTERCARD or any other payment method Property Vista offers. 


To see the status of any payment and the reason it was rejected follow these steps:

1) Find the Lease in Question

  • Search for the Lease by going to Leases & Tenants and searching for the lease or;
  • Search for tenant in question by searching by Tenant Name (under Leases and Tenants) and then clicking the link to get to the Lease level

2) Click on RECEIPTS

  • Click on the RECEIPTS Tab

3) Click on the Payment line in question and look for the Transaction Error Message to see the reason the payment was rejected. For further information on reject codes go to: Payment Reject Codes


*You can also search for specific payments by going to Finance-->Payments and Searching for specific payments within that report as well. 

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