Yardi 6 Interface Configuration

1.    Interface Configuration

The following interfaces plugins and their minimal versions must be installed in Yardi environment and configured to operate with PropertyVista:

  1. InterfacesPl v17.03
  2. InterfacesBillingandPayment Plv2
  3. InterfacesILSGuestCardplv0.20
  4. MaintenancePlv10.02 (Only if using Yardi Maintenance Module)

Note: From time to time PropertyVista may add other Yardi interfaces to the list. We will update our clients when new interfaces are introduced. We will also update this Document accordingly.


2.    Property List Setup

Add a Property List specifically for Property Vista:

Property List: .pvista & add all properties you want to have Property Vista connect with.


3.    Interface Configuration

Each interface will need to be configured on its own as per the links below:


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