Communication Categories

When creating a communication to anyone within the system, you need to assign each communication a COMMUNICATION CATEGORY. Communication Categories allow you to set the appropriate rules for Opt-In or Opt-Out Requirements. (See INTRODUCTION TO CASL article as well for our Canadian Customers.)

It is very important to note that you, the Property Management Company, are accountable for remaining compliant to any Anti Spam laws applicable. Abuse of the system will result in issues with deliverance due to downgrades and may lead to cancellation of your services.

      • Select or Add a Category and give the Category a Name (ie., Newsletter)
      • Add Access Roles and Response Groups:
        • Access Roles: Access roles allow certain ROLES to SEE the entire history of this communication note. IMPORTANT: Access roles DO NOT filter by Properties. Members of this group will have access to ALL COMMUNICATION to this Communication Category, regardless of permission set on a Property Level
          • Assign Access roles to Senior Management to audit any and all communication records.
        • Response Groups: Dispatchers receive a message alert when a communication message is received. Dispatchers will have the ability to SEE, READ, and ASSIGN communication messages to the appropriate personnel. Dispatchers can only see communications to properties they have permission to in the general Employee Settings.
          • Assign Dispatch Roles to the end users that will be responding to the messages
      • Choose Opt-Out Setting (If Applicable) - NOTE: Not every communication requires Opt-Out Selection. Please choose carefully here and refer to your local legislation to ensure you are compliant.
        • Check the Opt-Out Enabled box to enable Opt-Out options for this communication category. Note: By Checking the “Opt-Out Enabled” box every communication will have the ability for an Opt-Out option at the bottom of the message. It is strongly encouraged that this function is utilized for most communication messages. ONLY BUSINESS TRANSACTION communication messages may not have the need for an Opt-Out function. Please check your local Anti-Spam and Communication law to ensure you adhering to all the rules
          • Request: Choose this option to send an Email request to Opt-In to this communication method. By Default, no one has been added to this communication category
            • After you press SAVE, Click on ACTIONS→ SEND CONSENT REQUEST to send the email notification to properties of your choosing.
          • Opt-In: Choose this option if you want to add EVERYONE into this category by Default. They will have an option to Opt-Out in the future on their own.
          • Opt-Out: Everyone is Opt-Out by Default. They can Opt-In via the Resident Portal to this option
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