Creating a Broadcast Message

To create a Broadcast message you will need to create a template to be used. Go to: MESSAGE CENTER → TEMPLATES → BROADCAST → +NEW BROADCAST TEMPLATE

  • Choose a Name, Audience Type, and Delivery Method. Check the Box “ALLOWED REPLY” to allow your audience to reply to this message. If you do not check this box, the reply button will not appear when you send a message. (Certain communication methods do not have a reply option, so they will not show up when you check the reply box)
  • Complete the template form by choosing Category (this will apply your rules you setup by Category), From (this will be your Broadcast Originator rules.
    • Filter: Use this section to FILTER your results. You can use filters to limit the broadcast to specific properties, or based on certain criterias. Add several filters to create a custom list for you to be sent for this Broadcast Template
    • Complete Subject, Message and Fallback Message to complete the Template
      • Fallback: Fallback message is the InMail message that will be sent to the audience of your choice should the selected communication method fail.
      • Inserts: Use INSERTS to customize and personalize your communication method. Inserts can include everything from Name to Rent Arrears to be filled in automatically.

After you have completed this you can SCHEDULE or EXECUTE (SEND) this broadcast. You will now have an option to choose which properties this broadcast should be sent to. 

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