Phone Number Selection

Every Company is unique and as such, every company should have its own Phone number used for communication purposes.

Property Vista requires at least 1 phone number for the communication module to function properly.

Larger Property Management Companies may want to have several numbers depending on units managed and local numbers depending on geo-location.

At this time, the number selection is a manual process. Please contact PropertyVista via SUPPORT to arrange for a number to be assigned to your account.

Recommended Guidelines:

1 Local number for every 2,700 units managed

1 Toll Free number for every 7,500 units managed

1 Short Code: For larger, Enterprise companies


    • Local Number: Threshold: 1 SMS per second (3,600 per hour)
    • Toll Free Number: Threshold: 3 SMS per second (10,800 per hour)
    • SHORT CODE: Threshold: 30 SMS per second (108,000 per hour)
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