Message Center Explained

Dispatch Queue

  • The Dispatch Queue will show a dispatcher all tickets waiting to be assigned
    • Assign Tickets to yourself or to someone in the company for an answer. The ticket will be removed from the Dispatch Queue and a message alert is sent to the person the ticket is assigned to.
    • Maintenance Requests: When a maintenance request is resolved it will also automatically close the associated ticket


  • Messages will show the end-user all the messages in their InBox


  • Tickets are events that need an action. A ticket should be resolved and closed to ensure the ticket is closed. Here you will find all the users Tickets in one place.

Broadcast Events

  • Broadcast Events will show you the action of a broadcast. Click on a broadcast event to see who the messages was sent to as well as if it was delivered. 


  • For those with the right permission sets and ACCESS ROLES assigned, Groups will be there to show full communication strings and history for all messages

Delivery Methods:

  • Text - Text messages will send a SMS/MMS via the system. This is the most popular communication method for busy lifestyles with the highest open read rate
  • Voice - Will send an automated, computerized voice call
  • Notification - Will create a notification banner within the Resident Portal. Notifications can have a start and end date as well. Notification explanation here
  • InMail - Will send a message within the platform directly in the resident or prospect portal. End-users will have the ability to opt-in or opt-out depending on the communication category settings.
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