Strategy Summary Sheet

The attached document references the overall strategy for each communication Category. 


Unique Strategies were created for the following:


  • Renter's Insurance
    • Use this strategy to ensure the highest adoption rate of Renters Insurance. Also, within this strategy, the ability to do a one-time Insurance Audit (that should be repeated annually)
  • Rent Reminders
    • Simple 1st of the month rent reminders. It is its own strategy as it should allow for Residents to opt-out of this reminder. See Rent Arrears strategy to overcome late payers. 
  • Rent Warning
    • Use this strategy to alert various residents if their rent is past due. As time goes on the strategy recommends including guarantors and using a multitude of communications
  • New Resident Welcome
    • Nothing beats a first impression. Use this strategy to ensure all your future residents have a great experience and welcome greetings before and after moving into their new home
  • Application Reminders
    • Close better. Close faster. Use this strategy to remind outstanding applicants to complete their applications. 
  • Resident Portal Registration
    • The more renters you get registered within your Resident Portal the higher the success rate is for the company. Expect higher satisfaction ratings, more electronic payments, higher renters insurance adoption and more. Use this strategy to get all your renters registered.

See the full communication strategy by clicking here

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