Adding Units

You have Buildings and Floorplans now you need to add UNITS to the property. 

To get this going GOTO: Properties--> Buildings --> Select the Building in Question and click on UNITS tab. Click + NEW UNIT to create a unit for this property.

Next PRESS the arrow next to the Floorplan to select the Floorplan in question. Complete the rest of the information as necessary. Click SAVE when you are done.

NOTE: In some cases an individual unit may have a different legal address than from the rest of the Property. In those cases click on the LEGAL ADDRESS tab to customize the legal address.


Press SAVE once you have setup the Unit Information.

ATTENTION: YOU NOW NEED TO PROVIDE A STATUS TO THE UNIT. There are three main status: Unit Available, Unit Off-Market, Unit Renovation.


Choose the Unit Availability. If you choose RENOVATION is will allow you to set a future date that the unit will be available by.


To Manually Change the status of the unit again you can Press Actions --> MAKE PENDING and it will remove the current chosen status.

NOTE: If you are setting up a CURRENT LEASE (ie, you are setting this unit up for the first time and have an existing Tenant in the Lease) please ensure the Status of the unit remains in PENDING.

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