Checking the Payment Status

If you want to check the payment status there are many ways to see the payment status in real-time.

If you are looking for a particular tenant/lease, simply goto the LEASE in question, Click on RECEIPTS to see each payment. You can scroll to see the Payment Status or click one level further on the actual payment to see its status.


If you want to see the payments in BULK, you can click on FINANCE --> PAYMENTS to see ALL payments in the system and their respective status. 


If you want to see if your payments processed by the bank and you want to see the breakdown of fees corresponding to your bank account you can do this by going to FINANCE --> Aggregate Transfer . This will provide you line by line the deposits in your bank account.


If you want to see the details of this, click on the LINE in question to see even further breakdown of how this was calculated. You will only see data in the aggregated transfer report if the money was sent to the bank.


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