Adding Bank Accounts

Are you ready to process payments and get going? Great! Make sure you have your Merchant ID (MID) and Bank Accounts assigned to the properties to get going.


In order to process payments two (2) items must occur:


1) a Merchant ID (MID) has to be created by submitting an application to our processing partner in Canada, BluePay Canada. This process can take up to five (5) business days.

2) Once a MID has been assigned, the MID has to be assigned to the properties in question in order for the system to know where to send the funds by property. To do this, go to Properties --> Buildings --> SELECT BUILDING IN QUESTION --> ACTIONS --> Select Merchant Account. Choose the correct bank account for this property.


You can get a step by step walkthrough by clicking on HELP and searching: SELECTING MERCHANT ACCOUNT.


3) In order to continue setting up your Property Vista Accounting, once you have the Merchant Account approved, please create Bank GL Account and assign it to Merchant Account:

Step 1: Click on Administration

Step 2: Click on Financial-->Accounting-->GL (General Ledger)Account


Step 3: Click on Add New GL Account


Step 4: Fill in the information as per your business needs and click save


Step 5.Click on Financial-->Accounting--> GL Account Mapping --> Bank Tab


Step 6: Click on Add New GL Account Mapping.


Step 7: Fill in the boxes with GL account that was created on previous steps and Merchant Account that needs to be mapped to it. Optionally, you can define Owner and Building using Scope level, so only corresponding financial transactions will be loaded to this



For example:


We have selected the GL Account that we created earlier and filled in the necessary Merchant Account information as well as optional building and owner information. You can then click save and you have successfully mapped your GL Account. From now on, all payment related transactions created by Billing system will be loaded to this GL account automatically.



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