So you are ready to launch! Great! We do recommend coming up with a detailed plan to execute successfully at the site level.


  • Do you have a link on your website for the Resident Portal?
    • If not, we strongly recommend creating a link (ie RESIDENT LOGIN) at the top right hand corner of your website for all your current Residents.
  • Do you have an APPLY NOW button for every property?
    • This comes standard with Property Vista's integrated websites
    • If not, we strongly recommend that you create the link on the Property Level for each property. 
      • https://<YOURCOMPANY><ReplaceWITHPropertyCode>
  • Did you choose Marketing Materials?
  • Did you Order Marketing Materials?
    • o Option 1 – Our print house can do everything for $2.00 per letter  
      (includes print and postage)

      o Option 2 – You can refer to any printing shop (we recommend the following):

      Brook Hamilton
      Allegra Toronto North
      89 Glen Cameron Road  |  Thornhill  |  Ontario  |  Canada  |  L3T 1N8
      T  (905) 881-8320 |  M  (416) 799-8004 |  F  (905) 881-4185  | <>
  • Did you arrange for your initial mailer to be sent?
    • Contact your PropertyVista representative to have the first mailer automatically created for you
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