Notice of Eviction- Setup

The Notice of Eviction (N4) is a necessary document needed to evict a resident for Non-Payment of Rent. It is strongly recommended to send this document out to all tenants that are late with their rent within the first 4 days. In order to facilitate with this mundane process Property Vista has developed a very sophisticated N4 automation form.

Before you can create these within the system we must configure our rules within the system. 

Step 1: Document Template Set Up

Please click HERE for these steps

Step 2: Lease form signing policy Set Up

Please click HERE for these steps.

STEP 3: Eviction Notice Set Up

Please click HERE for these steps.

STEP 4: Legal Flow Set Up

Please click HERE for these steps.


If you have not done so yet, you will need to set up your landlords within the system to ensure the correct information is pulled on the termination notices. Please review HERE.


To ensure the signatures are automatically added to the documentation you will need to ensure that whoever "signs" has their signature on file. You should add this in .png format (ie. without background). The signature can be added by going to:

Organization--> Employees --> Employee in Question-->Actions --> Employee Signature

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