Notice of Eviction (N4) - How to run an N4

After completing the initial setup (see article here) you are ready to process your first N4 batch!

To get going GOTO:

LEGAL & COLLECTIONS -->  N4 (If you do not see N4 here, please check your setup again)

Click on +NEW N4 BATCH

Select the Unit/Units you wish to proceed with

 Once the BATCH has been created you will need to review the BATCH. Select a Batch

Press EDIT and Setup the Batch. Make sure that it is ready for service. Fill in the expected service date and from the drop down menu for termination date option, you can select calculate. It will then calculate the date as per your policy settings for N4. Once all the information is filled in, click save

Note: The Date field will not appear if Use Profile Signature checkbox is disabled.


Click on Actions ---> Issue notices

Once notices have been issued 2 new options appear under Actions - Service Notices and Download Notices. Download Notices allows the user to download all notices that were just generated - this is the same as the old Print Forms action. Service Notices allows the user to generate Certificates of Service for this batch

There is a Ready For Service checkbox and a few fields to fill in. This time user is asked to select the Delivery Method to put on the CoS, and the signingEmployee. The Service Date that appears on CoS can also be modified here.

Once done, the user can press Actions -> Execute Batch to generate a Certificates of Service for each lease in the batch. The certificates are recorded in their respective leases, and no further action is possible on the batch itself.

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