Building Ownership Change/Sold while maintaining same Yardi Building Code

From time to time it can happen that a Property changes ownership but the same Yardi Code is being kept. For this we have created the following guide to assist you. It is important that this order is being followed to avoid any issues. Please advise Property Vista Support two weeks prior for assistance:

Step 1. Yardi admin in Starlight will rename the building by adding the prefix "x" to the property code, example: abc001 > xabc001
Step 2. Yardi admin will create a new building with original property code (example: abc001) and will copy all tenants from old to new building
Both buildings abc001 and xabc001 will remain accessible for propertyvista interfaces (property list) in ILS and Resident transactions.
No coordination with PV team will be required.
Only x prefix is required indication that rename is happening. 
No human intervention by customers or by PV support will be required. 
Property Vista software will automatically detect the new building xabc001 has the same tenants as in existing building abc001 (match required - 90% of tenants are matching), and will merge them automatically.
 Merge procedure: 
1. Only one building abc001 will remain in PV.
2. Old xabc001 that is in Yardi will not be imported and will not exist in PV system.
3. All tenants from xabc001 would be matched to tenants from the new building abc001 and Tenants IDs (e.g. r00123 and t079882) will be updated in PV to match new tenants. Tenants will be matched by Name and Unit number.  
   1. If Units are renamed or Tenants names changed, the merge will not be processed.
   2. Since we only updating tenant ID all the information including passwords, payment accounts and per-authorized payments will remain intact.
   3. Since we only updating Building ID all the information associated with building will remain in PV, including bank accounts and access permissions. If required, customers may change bank accounts after the change. 
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