Lease Renewal

Please click here for Batch Lease Renewal


1) Click on the lease in question



2) Click on Actions ---> Renew ---> Create Offer



3) Click on the drop down menu to select the type of lease and you can make any other necessary changes to the lease, such as adding a new tenant, guarantor or feature, utilities, etc. 



4) Once the necessary changes are made, click save



5) Click on versioning then finalize. As long as it is in draft mode, you can make changes but once it is finalized, you are not able to make any modifications.



6) You can then click on Actions then either create a new offer to for the tenant to have options between different lease, or if you have the approval of the tenant, press Accept Offer. Also, as per lease renewal guidelines, tenant can also view the offer from their portal and choose to accept or decline



7) In order for tenants to view the offer from their portal, through Actions, click on Set Offer Default

Default offer is chosen because the system has an automatic process that will accept a default offer if tenant ignores it





8) Go back to the lease in question




9) Click on Actions --> Renew --> Publish Offers

    publishing is done to allow tenant to view offers in portal




Once offer is published, tenants can now view offers from their portal.





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