Custom website with building listings - Open API version

PropertyVista allows users to access their building information through an API. This can be used to display unit availability on company's own website, in any preferred format.

Warning: This article is for advanced users only. Programming knowledge is required to use the API effectively. For an alternative approach please click here.

  1. To start you need a User Role that can access the API. The role can be created by navigating to Administration -> Security -> User Roles. Create a new role and add a permission OAPI Properties to it.
  2. Exit the Administration section and navigate to Organization -> Employees. Create a new employee, assign the newly created role to them. The login and password of this employee will be used to access building data through the API, so please make sure the password is sufficiently secure.
  3. Please make sure your Product Catalog is fully set up to enable online leasing. Otherwise the next step will return an empty building list.

You can now access the list of buildings that are available for online leasing. Simply click one of the links at the bottom of this page and use the information of your newly created user to log in. The login field takes username of the user and company DNS name separated by a colon. Password field takes the password of the user.

For example, if your DNS name is companyname and your newly created user has email, then you should log in with in the login field. Use the password of in the password field.

To see the full XML structure you can use these credentials to log in to the SOAP page:

To access your own information log in to the REST page:

Samples of the output are also attached.

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