Custom website with building listings - simple version

One approach to linking your own website to Property Vista is to incorporate a set of links into your website. There is one link for existing tenants, which leads to Resident Portal. There are also multiple links, one per building, that can be used to allow prospective tenants to apply to a specific building online.

To find out the correct links you need your DNS name. For example, if your DNS name is companyname, then the link to Resident Portal would be

Prospect Portal is a bit more complicated. You need a link to each specific building to allow users to apply to a unit in that building. This time you need both the DNS name and a Property Code of a building. For example, if your DNS name is companyname and a Property Code for a building is 1, then your link would be Simply replace Property Code with a different one to create a link to a different building.

To learn how to pull Availability and Marketing information from Vista please click here.

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