Rent Receipts

You can enable the option from your back end for tenants to view and print out their rent receipts.


Please note: You can also take the print out yourself from the back end by going to the tenant's profile and requesting proof of payment through Actions--> Download Proof of Payment

You will also need to make some changes to your form signing policy before setting up proof of payments option from the portal.


From the main menu, click on administration-->Policies-->Application/leasing-->Lease form signing. Click on Organization. Click on details tab. Click edit and scroll all the way down and you can set it up as shown below.




Please see steps below for making the option available from the portal for tenants:

Step 1: Click on Administration from the main menu



Step 2: Click on Policies--> Portals--> Resident



Step 3: Click on Organization




Step 4: Click on Details tab and then click on edit. You can now set the level of information you want the tenant to have access to for the receipt



PLEASE NOTE: Yardi does not share their ledger with Property Vista but only the outstanding current charges.

Therefore Property Vista only knows of payments that were made via PV. This includes all electronic payments, as well as cash/cheques which were entered in PV via the money in feature. It will not include payments that were added directly to the Yardi ledger.


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