Before you start, make sure that PropertyVista support turned your YieldStar feature on.

Once this is done, continue with your settings. Settings can be done on any policy scope level, i.e. it can be set differently for every building, state, province, allowing you to set more than one YieldStar connection, or mix YieldStar enabled building with non YieldStar buildings.

1)  Go to policies, Application/Leasing>Online Availability, and in Details enter Lease Term Ranges  (in months) that will be available for online applicants to enter. You can use single numbers or ranges using dash, all comma separated. For validation you can use Test Range Parsing link.



2) Under policies, go to System Settings>YieldStar>Credentials and update your partner credentials that you received from YieldStar:


3) And then in same policy go to Settings and turn Pricing Advisory On:


You are all set now. Your market price will be propagated from YieldStar, by-passing Product Catalog settings


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