Lease Form Signing Policy

This Policy focuses not just on the Lease Signing but the entire Lease Lifecycle signing process. ALL of the below have to be completed even if they do not apply to your business to SAVE this policy. In addition to our description please click HERE for a visual representation of the set up process.

Administration→ Policies → Application Leasing→ Lease Form Signing

In this Policy we will review how to set up each of the following and the set up is the same for each;

  • Notice of Increase Signing Rules- This rule focuses on the signee when a Notice of Rent Increase is issued
  • Lease Termination Notice Rules- This rule focuses on the signee when a Termination Notice is issued
  • Certificate of Service signee Rules- This rule focuses on the signee for a Certificate of Service. You have the ability to auto-generate a Certificate of Service for certain forms and this can be used in court to prove the notice was given to the Tenant
  • Proof of Payment signee Rules- The system has the capability to provide Tenants with a Proof of Payment. This Policy sets who the signatory is on this proof of payment
  • Lease Financial Summary signee Rules- Similar to Proof of Payment, this policy provides the signature on the Summary of Lease Financials. 

We will go over each item one-by-one for greater clarity. The concept is the same for all of the rules.

Signee Selection Method: Who will the document show signed the particular document, is it always a specific person in your company? If so then choose From Employee List. Is it the person that runs the specified document? Then choose Issuing Employee

Signee Role: The individual signing-- are they acting as the LANDLORD or the AGENT. Depending on your company setup choose accordingly.

Use Profile Signature: When this box is selected it will use the Signature Image that has been uploaded to the Employee. (Under Organization --> Employee --> Personal Information --> Signature)

Use Profile Contact Info: When this is checked it will use the Contact Information under the employee profile. If not selected the information can be edited. (Under Organization --> Employee --> Personal Information)

Company Info: The address that you want to appear on the document

Auto Signing: Choose who should automatically sign the document



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