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Application Charges Policy

This policy allows you to set various rules as they relate to setting Application Charges.

Administration→ Policies → Finance→ Application Charges


This Policy is broken down into several sections as described below:





Rent: In this section you can set what is charged with the submission of an Application

Include Rent Charges - Includes the payment of rent charges with the application

Include Pro Rate Only - Includes only the Pro-Rate amount to be included with the application

Include None - Excludes any rental related payments for the application (Ie. only application fees)


Deposits:  In this section you can determine if you want to collect Deposits with the application. By checking the box "Include Deposits" the system will include Deposits to be taken with the application


Fee: In this section you can determine any application charges and fees to be charged. Fees can be refundable or non-refundable. You can add one or many fees.

Amount: The amount to be charged

Payment: The amount above to be charged per Lease or per Applicant

Refundable: By checking the box the fee may be refunded

AR Code: Where to book the fee in Accounting: Application Processing Fee or Application Administration fee



Misc : In this section we capture some Miscellaneous Settings:

Process Payments on Approval: By checking this box the system will automatically process the payment on file as per the rules. By not checking the box the charges will have to be manually submitted. 


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