June 2019 Release Notes

New Features:

  • BC Lease Agreement form is now available
  • Personal Broadcasts are now available. Site staff with Communication:Personal permission can now create and send own broadcasts.
  • It is now possible to reopen a submitted lease application if there is a need for more information from applicants.
  • Arrears can now be set up to account for credits on the lease, e.g. for RGI buildings.
  • Multiple legal cases can now be active for the same lease
  • Inspection status options and icons can now be customized
  • Address validation for credit cards can now be turned off in policies to enable processing of international credit cards


  • Ontario agreement landlord signature now includes name of signee and the landlord both
  • Customization items have been reworked. For details see guide here.
  • Auto pays can now be filtered by columns 'created' and 'updated'
  • Inspections can now be created for Completed leases
  • Added more columns to Maintenance Request list - Area, Repair Subject, Details, Issue.
  • Broadcast templates now include a new variable for 'today's date'
  • Notes button now shows the number of added notes
  • Introduced an ability to add tenant addresses to the refund cheque
  • Introduced read only accounting and purchasing permission roles
  • Introduced the ability to create increases based on market rent
  • [Yardi] Move Out inspections can now be generated for leases which were ended in Yardi
  • [Yardi] Lease applications can now be cancelled in Property Vista regardless of their Yardi status
  • [Yardi] Rentable items with no inventory on Yardi side should no longer be available in Property Vista

Bug Fixes:

  • [Yardi] Signed lease agreements now automatically transfer to Yardi
  • [Yardi] Mid-month increases are now handled correctly


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