AVS Validation and International Payment Processing

You have the ability to turn off the Address Verification System (AVS) that is used to prevent fraud from Card Payments. In most cases AVS is a great tool to ensure less fraud as the system will verify ALL the card details to ensure there is a 100% match. However; not all issuing banks have AVS and as such if AVS is turned on, those cards on banks that are not supported (typically smaller banks and/or international banks) will result in a decline in the card payment. 


As the main use of Property Vista is for Rent Payment and you already verified the tenants occupying the rental unit the risk of Card Fraud is very low. You are, however, assuming that risk when turning off the AVS. 


Use Cases: International Cards, Student Housing, etc. 

You can control the AVS via Policies: Meaning, you can turn it on/off based on specific buildings/Merchant IDs. 


In order to Activate/Deactivate the AVS validation goto POLICIES --> FINANCE --> PAYMENT TYPES. Press EDIT to control the AVS enforcement. See diagram below


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